UTECHCA Phone System Support

Nortel T Series Phone
Nortel or Avaya (we have you covered)
Avaya 9608 Phone

Phone Systems can be confusing, what exactly is a hunt group? Why is this phone Ringing? These are some of the questions that can be answered by uTECHca’s Phone System Support team. Forgot your voicemail password, we can help with that. Need to record a new Auto Attendant, we can help with that too.

We specialize in Nortel / Avaya, but if you have another system that’s OK. Give us some time with it and we will learn the in’s and out’s so you don’t have to.

If you have a nortel phone system and Feature **266344 sounds like just some random buttons then you may be missing out on some great features and functions on your system that your business could benefit from.

Have an Avaya IP office phone system and call the company that put your system in to make basic changes? Let us teach you so you can do those changes yourself in the future.

In the past we have worked with all sorts of phone systems. From the meridian system to the BCM to the IP office, and we are constantly trying to learn more. uTECHca does this so when you have a question about your phone system, we have the ancwer your looking for. Contact us today to find out what other features your system may have.

  • If you don’t know how to use your phone system

  • You mind as well be using this one

Thank You for your interest in uTECHca Technology Services phone system support, if you know your parties extension you can dial it now, If not please use the form below to contact us about this service.

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