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Why Choose uTECHca for your Remote Support Provider?

At uTECHca, we know when you need support, you want a fast response. We can improve our response rate and offer you great tech support right from our secure website, using a remote desktop application.

What’s a remote desktop application? Its a program that we use to jump into your PC or Mac right from our office. Allowing us to control your mouse and keyboard like it was our own. This gives us the opportunity to diagnose a problem without being on site.

Because we are not on site we offer this service at a reduced rate, saving you money and getting you back up and running quickly.

How easy is it?

If you become a client of ours all you would have to do is call us and we would direct you to the bottom of our website where we would give you a code to enter. Once the code is entered and you hit connect we are able to get into your PC or Mac and get to work.

Its that simple to get fast knowledgeable uTECHca Computer support.

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